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Green Mountain Energy: Lancaster Residents Going Green

The more residents who choose Green Mountain Energy in Lancaster, the more green energy is added into the power grid. With more green customers, there is a decreased need to use fossil fuels to generate electricity. Check out this breakdown of typical electricity compared to the electricity Green Energy supplies to its customers.

In 2008, according to ERCOT, the Texas State Average Fuel Mix was:

  • 40% natural gas
  • 39% coal and lignite
  • 12% nuclear power
  • 5% renewable energy
  • 4% other

Green Mountain Electricity in Lancaster, on the other hand, is comprised of:

  • 100% renewable energy

What does that mean for you? If you choose a typical electricity provider, your electricity is made up of energy generated from many different resources, including coal, a major pollutant. It also uses natural gas, which pollutes the environment though in lesser amounts than coal, and only a tiny percentage of clean energy. Green Mountain’s efforts to become a clean energy supplier have paid off – when you choose green energy, 100% of the energy you use is covered by renewable resources such as wind power.

When you choose green energy, whether Green Mountain electricity in Lancaster or electricity from another provider, you’re reducing your personal need for electricity that was generated from less clean means. It also supports and helps fund innovations in the field of sustainable energy.

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Paying for Green Mountain Energy in Lancaster

In addition to going green with Green Mountain, you can also explore different billing options offered by the company. Green Mountain Energy offers a system called average, or budget, billing. This system is good for residents who would like a set energy bill amount each month, instead of one that varies each month based on how much energy you’ve used. Weather and seasonal changes, such as the length of days and daytime temperatures, can cause your energy usage to vary month to month.

With an average billing option, you’ll continue to pay Green Mountain Energy rates in Lancaster, but you’ll pay your yearly energy usage averaged out over 12 monthly payments. You’ll still pay for all of the energy you did use throughout the year – it’s just divided up equally. At the end of the 12 months, Green Mountain will give you a credit if you used less energy than you paid for or charge you for the remainder of the energy you used and haven’t yet paid for, if necessary.

This plan allows you to pay the same amount every month, which helps you better plan for your bills and avoid large differences from one month to the next.

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